soycanadiense said: Hey there, since I just had my appendix taken out yesterday I’m curious if it’s not to personal, have you ever had any major surgeries? (Btw your blog is awesome Senpai)

First of all, I’m glad you are okay. I hope you are feeling better and I hope  you are doing alright after that operation.

Secondly, it’s not personal but uh…yes I have had a major surgery done on me before. I remember when one of my kidneys failed on me, I thought “Oh no…I’m gonna die. But, I have to stay strong.” But then, a miracle came along. Somebody donated one of their kidneys to me. I thanked that person, I pray for him every day/night. I send him a cake as a thanks. 

So yeah, I have had surgery done on me before.

By the way, your blog is awesome too.

Stay Humanized

- Jade

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